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If the philosophy of True Education Solutions were summed up in one word, the word would be results. We see no value in helping a student to “cram” for a test—only to have the student forget the information two weeks later. Techniques that involve rote memorization for the sole purpose of passing a test can amount to short-term gimmicks. This can cheat the student of an honest education that will truly serve him in the future. Genuine understanding and mastery, on the other hand, will return top scores and lasting comprehension.

We believe that it is our job to build a student’s foundation of knowledge by finding and repairing parts of his education that were skipped over or not understood, thus bringing him or her to the point of true conceptual understanding of the material being studied. We also believe it is our job to improve a student’s ability to think, to evaluate, and to study independently with success. We believe it is our job to increase a student's motivation, initiative, discipline, and desire for knowledge.

If a car is malfunctioning, one doesn’t flood the owner with “driving strategies” to improve performance; one finds out the true source of the malfunction and fixes it.   We help students achieve genuine mastery (which results, as a routine byproduct, in greatly improved test scores).  

Our mission is to empower students with understanding, a love of learning, and the capacity to exercise analytical thinking. In addition to handling the immediate needs and difficulties of students, we want to help them learn how to learn; we want to enable them to become lifelong learners who can guide themselves toward increased knowledge and abilities with confidence and success. With all of this, we hope to contribute to a better culture with higher levels of educational success for our future generations, and a continued narrowing of the achievement gap.

True Education Solutions services Brentwood, Santa Monica, Pacific Palisades, and the Greater Los Angeles area. If you are interested in service in another area, email us at Info@TrueEducationSolutions.com.

About the President of True Education Solutions

Ron Seagal has a wide and varied background in the field of education. For eight years he was a faculty member of the Delphian School of Oregon, where he taught in the classroom as well as in one-on-one settings. He supervised a Model United Nations program, ran a fitness class, and taught English as a Second Language. Ron also provided professional development to teachers who came from other schools, including a research fellow in one of China’s city education bureaus who reported that after applying the training his students “…did the best among all the graduating classes in the city in the National College Entrance Examination.” 

Ron has similarly achieved outstanding results as a tutor of academic subjects and test preparation.  He has worked with at-risk, highly remedial students, he’s worked with homeschool students, he’s worked with students attending private schools, and he’s worked in public school programs.   The students he’s taught have ranged from kindergarten to adult.  Ron has also participated in a variety of curriculum projects, including the development of innovative lessons that harness the potential of the hand-held microscope to engage students in scientific inquiry. 

Ron is also the founder of the non-profit True Community Education (TCE), which inspires, unites, and empowers grassroots action to provide high-quality education and support services to underserved children and adults in South LA, East LA, and Compton. TCE’s Each One, Teach One peer-tutoring program empowers youth with valuable training, meaningful leadership opportunities, and the honor of serving their communities by working alongside teachers in the vital effort of educating the next generation.

In addition to his tutoring and non-profit work, Ron chairs the Math Department at Seven Arrows Elementary School in the Pacific Palisades.

As an educator, Ron has had extensive training and experience in the application of Applied Scholastics pedagogical principles and technologies that get to the core of (a) truly connecting to and engaging students; (b) helping students to achieve genuine, meaningful understanding and ability that counts—not rote memorization; and (c) guiding students into heightened critical thinking skills, the ability to research and study independently with success, and the ability to successfully apply what they learn. Applied Scholastics, Inc. is an international, non-profit, public benefit organization established in 1972 to help others utilize the breakthrough learning/teaching technologies developed by educator and humanitarian L. Ron Hubbard.   These principles and techniques are simple, powerful, and available to anyone.  They get results.

Ron understands that education is dynamic.   Every student is unique.  Different students (and their parents) have differing needs, differing goals, differing strengths and weaknesses, and differing preferences for educational approaches.   No one has a monopoly on education, and in fact every individual in the world must wear the hat of teacher at one time or another.  What makes an educational approach right is not the degree to which it trumpets high-flown pronouncements of authoritative complexity; it is the degree to which it achieves honest results.


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“Every individual child is unique.   My son has been able to work well with you, because you respond to his individual needs.   He asks so many questions and has so much energy.   Some  tutors and educators have had difficulty dealing with this, but you recognize my son’s strengths and nourish them--while you support him through any weaknesses.   You have demonstrated exceptional care and professionalism, going far beyond any typical tutoring service. I really appreciate what you’ve done to improve my son’s education.”

--MH, parent of Hawthorne Elementary School student

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