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"I am very, very impressed with the results. Not only are the tutors professional and caring, but my kids love them! Last year, with very short notice, True Education Solutions did a terrific job of preparing my son for competitive ISEE testing. The result was not only excellent scores and the ability to place our son in the private school of our choice (one of which was Mirman, during its most competitive admissions years ever), but an improved student with a greater command of core academic subjects. When we referred some friends who were traveling out of town and who needed a temporary tutor for their daughter, the results were similarly outstanding. The school had given the daughter about three months of school work. Working only part time, the True Education tutor finished all schoolwork in a few weeks and also took the care to train the student in study skills to make her more competent as an independent learner. True Education advises me but also listens to me, and they tailor the program to my kids’ specific needs. My children are now better and happier students."

--Brentwood Parent

"Thank you for all your help. David did amazing on his school admittance test, scoring a 99% on the math section. We are so proud. Thank you again!"

--MB, parent of Buckley School student

"My son is going into his senior year at Beverly Hills High School.  I had already used a reputable SAT tutoring company earlier, but with no results. Efforts made weren't improving the situation, and I honestly didn't expect that things could change.  However, in only 12 hours of tutoring with my son, you increased his SAT score by 230 points.  I found your work to be excellent, and my son enjoys working with you. I believe that your tutoring not only helped increase his SAT scores, but it has helped with his studying habits in general."

--LT, parent of Beverly Hills High School student

"We wanted to extend our personal thanks for all of your work in preparing our son for the ISEE test. We are grateful for your professionalism and your expertise. The whole process not only improved our son academically, it also improved his attitude toward education. He started off resistant to taking your classes; he ended up wanting to continue even after he’d completed the ISEE test…and his scores were stellar indeed!"

--Pacific Palisades Parent

“I have never seen results like I have received from True Education Solutions.    After working with you, my children were demanding to have you continue with them.    This had never occurred before.  They became eager to get tutoring and improve their education.    Your tutoring not only has resulted in much better grades, it has also resulted in a greater thirst in my children to expand their knowledge and abilities.  They have even gone back to taking music lessons! You have the tools needed to make students able to think analytically and really understand.  My daughter in particular was not the type to show interest in academics.  Recently her teacher stopped the class to specifically have all students give my daughter a hand because of her improvement as a student, and because of the depth of understanding she was demonstrating for the subject matter.  When I heard about it, I wanted to cry.   I am so proud of how my children are doing now, and I can’t thank you enough for the high-quality work that you do.”

--SR, parent of Sinai Akiba Academy student

“I want to thank you for helping Greg!!! Your tutoring has pulled him up from being in a dangerously low position in the class to being a successful, self-confident, happy boy! We are no longer fearful for his survival as a student but instead are now thrilled at the prospect of him getting to the top of his class. My husband and I had been overwhelmed by a horrific state of affairs. We were spending hours every night with Greg, but we were getting nowhere—and the negative reports kept coming in from school about how our son needed to behave and stop acting out and disrupting others. I was under tremendous stress. True Education Solutions COMPLETELY turned this around. Now the trauma and yelling in our home has been replaced with relaxed, quality time with our son. You were so professional in the way that you came in for the free consultation, calmly assessed the scene, gave us an accurate picture of what was occurring, and then put together the program to fill in the gaps and to address Greg’s needs as an individual. You were a fabulous investment in my child’s education and in his future.”
--CJ, Burbank Parent

“I am very satisfied and happy with the progress my son has made.  Ron is an extremely professional and well-organized tutor, specializing in an array of subjects.  His excellent qualifications as a tutor have also allowed him to build a strong relationship with my son, where each class is both fun and informative.  Most tutors just give out information to their students without making sure that their students really understand the concepts.  However, Ron carefully explains the subject and elaborates on it—which helps the student embark on their own thinking process, thus strengthening their skills in logic and concepts.  Ron has given my son the perfect amount of help in each session, enabling my son to really learn how to find the answer, instead of merely receiving the answer.  I would definitely recommend Ron to students of different ages and varying needs.”

--LP,  parent of Oakwood Elementary School student

“Since we began with True Education Solutions I have seen amazing results.  My son, who is a 5th grader, has learned how to focus.  His progress in math went to where he is now in enrichment math.  Recently he was one of two students to actually present on the board in front of his class how to do a problem that all the other students were not able to figure out for extra credit.  This was very exciting for him and his parents!

“I have recommended several friends that are looking for tutors to True Education Solutions.  I am very happy with both tutors my son has had from this service.  They are flexible and have a lot of patience for both my children.  Yes, I also started my 3rd grade daughter with them as well. 

“As we all know 5th grade is a big challenge for kids to prepare for middle school.  My husband thinks it’s great to have children tutored because we are preparing them for middle school, which is going to get a lot harder.  These tutors are wonderful.” 

--SM, parent of Hawthorne Elementary School student

“My son has had many tutors, but True Education Solutions (TES) has been the only tutoring service that has made a really noticeable difference.  When my son started with TES, he was extremely resistive to tutoring and doing schoolwork.   His attitude toward the subject of learning was very rough.  Anyone else would have run and given up, but you have been so patient and have helped build up his confidence and ability.  You have improved my son academically, and you have also gotten through to him as a person and have made him into a better student.  His grades have come up to a new level.  He is still growing and has more to go, but I have seen major positive changes in him since you started to work with him.   You were given quite a challenge, and you passed the test.”

--LC, parent of El Rodeo Middle School student

“Every individual child is unique.   My son has been able to work well with you, because you respond to his individual needs.   He asks so many questions and has so much energy.   Some  tutors and educators have had difficulty dealing with this, but you recognize my son’s strengths and nourish them--while you support him through any weaknesses.   You have demonstrated exceptional care and professionalism, going far beyond any typical tutoring service. I really appreciate what you’ve done to improve my son’s education.”

--MH, parent of Hawthorne Elementary School student

“My son was enrolled in a well-established ISEE prep class but continued to have comprehension problems in math despite the teacher's efforts. Ron began to tutor him and gave crystal-clear explanations to several computing issues that were baffling him, along with drawings, etc. to really spell out exactly how things worked. My son instantly understood the information and was able to apply it with no problem. Ron has also helped him improve his reading and vocabulary. He has an excellent ability to convey complex subject matter in a clear, simple, step-by-step manner. More importantly, he's able to figure out where exactly in the learning process a child might have ‘checked out’ or gotten stuck. In so doing, he goes to core learning issues and helps build strengths without quick-fix techniques. Plus he's infinitely patient!”

--DS, parent of Millikan Middle School student

“I am extremely satisfied with True Education Solutions.   Your work is professional, it’s high quality, and it gets results.   Most impressive to me is the amount of care you take to service the needs of your individual students.   You are always ready to do what it takes to help my daughter with whatever she runs into.   When helping her, you also make sure that she’s improving her ability to understand and get the concepts of what she is studying.   Because of what you do, my daughter has enjoyed better grades and a higher level of self-confidence.  Your excellent support and service has meant a lot to us.   We really appreciate it!” 

--SH, parent of El Rodeo Elementary School student

“I have had many different tutors over a period of many years, and none of them have helped.  Before I started with True Education Solutions (TES), I had mostly Cs in my classes.   After tutoring with TES, my grades have come up to all As and Bs.  At first I didn’t want to learn anything because my grades were bad.  When you have Cs you don’t really care.   As I started to get As and Bs, I gained more confidence and wanted to get more As and Bs.  Now school is a lot easier, and I am understanding my subjects much more.”

--BC, El Rodeo Middle School student (7th grade)

“The True Education Solutions tutoring service is simply THE BEST.   To begin with, my daughter just wouldn’t communicate with tutors.   That changed with you.  She enjoys working with you and finds that she can actually understand her materials, because you make learning simple and easy.  When you started tutoring my daughter in math she was second to last place in the class.  She was frustrated and lacked confidence. Now, after working with you, she is at the top of her class!”

--DS, parent of North Hollywood Zoo Magnet School student

“True Education Solutions has been working with my son Eric for several weeks now and I want to say they have provided a constant five-star service level all the way on this!! The tutor shows a great deal of interest in my son and keeps in good communication all the time (not just for the time of the tutoring session) regarding my son’s progress, thereby greatly enhancing the whole process!!

"That level of commitment is very professional and produces a nurturing environment for my son so that he is willing to work and make progress with the tutor each time.

"Thanks and keep up the good work!"

--NB, Northridge parent

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